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Woolworths is engaging with the community to answer questions, hear feedback and capture recommendations for the new range in the Metro store. This feedback will help determine what will be available. Consultation activities include community letterbox drops, community information feedback sessions and a customer feedback survey.


Woolworths will collate local feedback and recommendations.


This feedback will inform the plans to tailor the store to the Avalon community’s needs.


 Woolworths will update the community via letterbox drop and the project website about what to expect in their new Metro Avalon store.


The store will be closed from 2 May to 31 July 2022 for a three-month construction period. 


During this closure period, customers will be able to continue to shop at the temporary pop-up store (at 24 Avalon Parade), Woolworths Mona Vale or alternatively can access home delivery options via our online website or app.


Metro Avalon is expected to open in mid 2022.


Woolworths will continue to keep the community informed at each stage of the process via letterbox drop, email and the project website.


January – February 2022

March 2022

May – July 2022

Mid 2022


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